let’s live suddenly without thinking

In love with the stars, the ocean, and nothing in between.

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Cloudscape #9

Photography by suisounonou


Bashkirskoe Summer (Russia) by Анна Корсакова


Seung-Hwan Oh | On Tumblr

Seung-Hwan Oh works and lives in Seoul, where he was born and raised until moving to New York where he studied film and photography at CUNY Hunter College. His work and practice stem from his interest and approach toward other disciplinary thoughts and ideas, from philosophy to sciences. His most recent work, exhibited at Zaha Museum, was inspired by the notion of the first advent of vision in life on earth, and his current work focuses on implementing microbial growth on film as a means to explore the impermanence of matter as well as the material limitations of photography.

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"When I got into the music industry a majority of female artists I’d seen were trying to regurgitate an ideal of the female image. They were trying to be almost a replica of what was popular. I just found that to be very boring and dishonest. I just wanted to be in control of my clothes. I wanted that choice. That’s the only thing that I’m saying. Women should not be marginalized. We shouldn’t play into the sexism." - Janelle Monae [x[

Once again for the people who insist on using Jane as the mascot for their respectability politricks and bullshit. Just seen some clowns trying to use her to tear down Rihanna the other day. Cut that shit out.

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A fine art, by Yrsa Daley-Ward (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

”Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.”

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Tire Swing - Kimya Dawson 

I took the Polaroid down in my room 
I’m pretty sure you have a new girlfriend 
It’s not as if I don’t like you 

It just makes me sad whenever I see it 
'cause I like to be gone most of the time 
And you like to be home most of the time 
If I stay in one place I lose my mind 
I’m a pretty impossible lady to be with 

damn this soundtrack though

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"Most of the time it’s hard to be lonely all the time."


"Most of the time it’s hard to be lonely all the time."

Elie Saab - Fall Winter 2014 2015

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